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Our Stoy

About us and our story

We're a couple of guys that have a passion for trying new flavors (especially desserts) around the world and thought we'd showcase our creativity through a medium unique to us, malasada donuts and Spanish churros with a pop!

We’ve always been curious about the idea of starting a pop/ghost kitchen style business and with a lot of help from the original Halo owner we were able to get started. One of our partners is a good friend of the Halo owner and after the unfortunate event of halo’s closing, due to the pandemic, he had graciously showed us his processes and passed the torch on to us to bring the halo brand back. From there we felt the need to add one more piece to our puzzle and had continued to research and reach out to our friends at Goodbread YYC to share their expertise on building the second bit of our business, malasada style donuts. With donuts and churros together we added our own creative twist of unique to us for that final pop, a fun custard and crazy garnish.

And with all that are partnering with local brands and the and the community to showcase our delicious donuts and churros and make one that’s unique to each popup we do (be sure to see the popup feature flavor)! We realize that we won’t be able to do popups forever so come spring we’ll offer deliciousness in an online order and pickup!

Hope to have you by! :)

Get In Touch

Get in Touch

Whether for popup's, collabs, big orders, or just a little more info leave us a line and we'll get back to you asap!

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Our Details:

Email:                                          Phone:          825.735.7388

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